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The Next Issue 133 - AWESOME CON DC!!!
April 22, 2014 03:47 PM PDT
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In this week's special show, Aitch Pete and El take a look back at the con that was Awesome Con. After we was poetic on the event we have a line up of interviews and below is a list of our guests:

23min - Joe Rubinstein -

29 mins - Steve Niles -

38 mins - Advent Comics -

40 mins - Fanthom Comics -

42 mins - Ernie Hudson - @Ernie_Hudson

47 mins - Chris Pyrate -

50 mins - Heather Larkin -

56 mins - Scott Derby and Dave Perillo

59 mins - Joe Harris - @joeharris

1 hr 1 mins - Dr. Sheena Howard -

1 hr 6 mins - Mike Lunsford and Ben Shaw

1 hr 9 mins - Scarletfly Cosplay -

1hr 11 mins - 1st timers - Steve and Zach

The Next Issue 132 - A nice day to talk comics
April 13, 2014 11:22 AM PDT
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On a nice day, it's just Aitch and Elden holding the fort and this is what we have:

Ultimate Warrior Dead at 54
When we actually gave a damn Agents of SHIELD...or did we?
Amazon buys Comixology
Amazing Spider-man 2 early buzz

Awesome Con is next weekend here in DC

Comic Reviews we take a look at
Batman Eternal #1
All New Ultimates #1
Nightcrawler #1
Mighty Avengers #9

Pull-list for April 16, 2014

Wonder Woman #30
Amazing X-men #6
Superior Spider Man #31
Solar Man of the Atom #1

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Next Issue 131 - Rat Queens, Winter Soldier and more
April 07, 2014 08:20 AM PDT
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At the top of the show, Aitch and El stop by Big Planet Comics in College part to talk to Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch creators of Rat Queens. They update us about what's going on in their schedule, what to look forward to in the next arc,tell us about other stuff they are working on and tell us about some of the feedback they have gotten in their travels.



Right off of the top, we discuss the Walking Dead finale (also spoiler heavy) and we all have differing opinions over the ending.

Next up of course we talk about Captain America: Winter Soldier and the impact it has on everything else coming from Marvel Studios.

Also Femmes in the Fridge is looking for some help advertising for Awesome-Con!! Check out this link for more info!!!

Awesome Com DC is less than 2 weeks away and it's just been announced that Danai Gurira (Michonne) is coming!
For more info go to:

In our comic reviews we look at

Detective Comics #30
Dead Letters #1
The Field #1
Ultimate Spider-man #200

As we close, we give you a look at our picks for this week April 9, 2014

Walking Dead #125
Secret Avengers #2
Lumberjanes #1
What if...Age of Ultron #2
All New Doop #1
Batman Eternal #1

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The Next Issue 130 - What are YOU Playing
March 30, 2014 11:54 AM PDT
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So Aitch, Armand, El, and Elden take a look at gaming today along with some comics and we go into the weeds so you have to excuse us if we run a little long.

In this week's show we cover:

What we heard about Noah since we haven’t seen it yet...
The pros and cons of Titanfall
Viability of campaign modes in FPS games like CoD and if the gaming industry is really bringing anything new to the table
We also cover the Amazing Spider-man 2 game coming later this year and if it looks to be a solid game or a money grab

El gives us a new perspective on the Oculus Rift which leads us to ask if it's designed equally as well as also give us news about the Facebook acquisition and Minecraft cancellation

We cover the new Sin City movie trailer and if you should see it once it releases
Armand is distraught after hearing thatForever Evil pushed back 2 months
Elden is excited that Peter David To Write A New SPIDER-MAN 2099 Ongoing Series

For our Pull List for April 2, 2014

Action Comics #30
She Hulk #3
Magneto #2
Green Arrow #30

In our Comic Reviews we look at

Real Heroes #1
Iron Patriot # 1
Rocky & Bullwinkle #1
Superior Spider Man #30 (YES!!! we gush about it again!)

Last but not least we discuss our Walking Dead season finale prediction

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The Next Issue 129 - What's Old News Is Good News
March 23, 2014 11:52 AM PDT
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In this week''s issue, Aitch, Elden, El and Armand discuss the follow

We announce or winners of Facebook Secret Avengers contest- Ouz Zaim

El examines how DC got it wrong with Starfire...again
Aitch talks about Disney's Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 announcement
We also talk about how an old news story not only got recycled but revealed that a lot of geeks had amnesia regarding some Marvel movie properties coming back in-house

In our Pull List for March 26, 2014 we look at

Tomb Raider #2
Ash & The Army Of Darkness Annual 2014
Hacktivist #3
Forever Evil #7

In Our Comic Reviews we look at:

Witcher #1
Ms. Marvel #2
Sex Criminals #5
Harbinger #0

Before we go...check out

Hard NOC Life ep 16

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The Next Issue 128 - What are you watching?
March 17, 2014 09:26 AM PDT
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**If you want to win a signed copy of Secret Avengers 1 follow this link: **

In this episode, while Peter is still away, Aitch, Elden, El and Armand take a look at what's on the tube, not only do they talk about what TV is doing right and wrong with American TV watchers, they also discuss the following:

Resurrection Debut
Once Upon a Time return
Cosmos debut
True Detective

We also look at the Marvel vs DC Movie date duel of 5/6/16 and we tell you who we think blinked.

Pull List for March 19, 2014

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #200
Daredevil #1 per Troy at Flashback Comics (
Lazarus #7
Sex Criminals #5
Silver Surfer #1
American Vampire 2nd Cycle #1

In our Comic Reviews

Captain Marvel #1
Superior Spider-man #29
Batman #29
Magnus Robot Fighter #1
Secret Avengers #1
The Royals #2

Catch up with us at:

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The Next Issue 127 - Femmes in the Fridge, She Hulks and we Find new hosts!!
March 09, 2014 01:20 PM PDT
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In this episode, Aitch and Elden lose Pete temporarily, but find new hosts in Armand and El and they bring it to this show!!!

El is heading up an initiative in the MD/DC area called Femmes in the Fridge. To learn more go here:

On today's show we all cover the following:

300: Rise of an Empire
South Park Stick of Truth
More Awesome Awesome Con coverage
We also ask:
Did Agents of SHIELD make a bang? What do you think of the ‘new’ mystery that Coulson uncovered
and what do we think of the Suicide Squad on Arrow.

We also discuss what the future holds for the Big Two on TV and how they are similar and different on their approach.

III. Pull List for March 12, 2014
Fathom Comics recommends Captain Marvel 1

We also recommend
JLA 13
Magnus Robot Fighter 1
East of West #10
Loki, Agent of Asgard #2
Astro City #9

IV. Comic Reviews
She-Hulk 2
Turok Dinosaur Hunter 2
Forever Evil 6
Tomb Raider 1

And before we wrap, listen in as Charles Soule talks She-Hulk, Thunderbolts and who he would want to get him out of a legal jam if he had to choose between Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdoch.

Also don't miss out as Third Eye is having a Secret Avengers #1 signing on Saturday March 15th, 2014

V. Wrap up

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The Next Issue Spotlight - Ladies in Comics
March 03, 2014 11:44 AM PST
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In this issue, Aitch talks with special guests Enrica Jang and Ericka Schultz. It's an insightful look about what it's like for women making inroads in the business of comic books.

The Next Issue 126 - We react to fans reacting
February 25, 2014 02:31 AM PST
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In this issue, Aitch and Elden hold the fort while trying to scrape together ransom for Peter as he's been abducted by Skrulls

We discuss:

Superhero Night - Woodbridge, VA Springwood Elementary
Walking dead premier
GotG trailer World Premiere of First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
Fantastic Four reboot cast revealed, the fan reaction and why it's bad for geekdom
The return of Heroes in 2015

In our pull list for February 26th 2014 we look at

Tomb Raider 1
Superior Spiderman 28

In our comic reviews we look at

Ghosted 7
White Suits 1
New Warriors 1

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The Next Issue - Why Race Still Matters
February 17, 2014 10:12 AM PST
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In this special edition, Aitch and Pete along with special guests Brian Issacs from The Fanboy Factor and Vince White creator of Will Power comics, ( discuss why race seems to still matter when it comes to comics and comic book movie adaptations.

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